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Custom Cakes at Campbell's Catering Company


custom cakes


Our bakers let their imaginations run wild when it comes to creating custom cakes. They use their skills to perfect your cake. We can cater the cake at any event, matching your theme or decorations.


We have an array of party cake selections to help you pick a design that will accommodate your event. We have cute baby shower cakes that can reveal the gender of your baby by color. We can bake bridal shower cakes to help you better celebrate this momentous occasion.


Even if it isn’t a common party occasion, we can concoct the football cake for the Super Bowl game or basketball cake to support your child’s team. These are only a few examples of cakes we can design for your event.


We also offer full event catering service, as well as a personal chef service. Pastries are also available.

Here at Campbell's Catering Company, you are important to us. We want to make sure everything is done correctly and deliciously.